Brain injury: New target may help eliminate inflammation

When traumatic brain injury occurs, it triggers inflammation of the nervous system, which can further harm brain health. However, researchers are looking into preventing that inflammatory response by targeting one type of brain cell.

Researchers from Ohio State University in Columbus have recently conducted a study in mice, investigating a new cellular target with the potential to prevent inflammation following traumatic brain injury.

More specifically, they tested a drug that allowed them to block the activity of microglia, a type of nerve cell with a key role in the immune response.

“We used a drug to wipe out cells called microglia in mice that had experienced brain injury, and the inflammation that is a hallmark of traumatic brain injury vanished,” explains lead researcher Kristina Witcher.

As Witcher also adds, right now, there are no approved drugs for treating serious brain injury. The present study aims to bring us closer to achieving better care for brain health.

The researchers’ findings now appear in the journal GLIA.

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